AS/NZS2290 - AS/NZS 2290.1 Introduction Inspection & Maint - For Hazard Area Electrical Equipment for Coal Mines
Maintenance - Group I Apply
Wambo - Maintenance - Group I Apply
AS/NZS3800 - AS/NZS 3800 Overhaul & Repair of Hazardous Area Equipment - Coal Mines - Gas/Dust Atmospheres
Overhaul - All Groups I,II & option of Group III Apply
Overhaul - All Groups I,II,III (Motors) Apply
Overhaul - Groups I,II Exd, Exe Apply
Overhaul - Groups I,II Exi Apply
Cable Coup - Cable Coupling Devices
Cable Coupling Devices Apply
Protection - Electrical Protection
Electrical Protection Apply
OCHA - Hazardous Area Aware in Open Cut Coal Mines
Hazardous Area Awareness in Open Cut Coal Mines Apply
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